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96H 4X4 ROAD 701
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Established in 1917, Riken is one of the leading manufacturers as a modern and trustworthy European tyre brand owned by Michelin. They offer some of the most reliable and top-quality tyres in European production technology across the UAE. Riken tyres are designed innovatively by specialists to provide maximum safety and control on all your journeys. With an ISO 9001certification, they manufacture and deliver top-quality tyres that provide efficient and swift performance at all times.

The Riken brand offers a comprehensive range of tyres suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks, among others. They have a widespread network and reach across the globe and leverage the same for commercialization as well as distribution. With these extensive networks, Riken Tyres seamlessly extend their services across countries like Algeria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and much more.

Why Choose Riken Tyres?

Modern Style

Specialists at Riken Tyres craft modern designs that facilitate a multi-condition use for all your travel journeys. With a perfect balance of unique looks with the latest trendy styles, this range of tyres come in stylish designs that will leave you spellbound.

Designed for Safety

At Riken tyres, your safety is the number one priority, and so active steps are taken to stay up to date with the changing safety trends and upgrades. The tyres are designed with silica compounds for optimal braking on both wet as well as dry landscapes. Riken tyres are crafted efficiently to provide maximum safety and comfort to its users across all terrains.

Efficient and Smooth Performance

Built with a firm grip and external rolling capacity, these tyres ensure efficient and smooth performance at all times. From dry and wet roads to ice and snow surfaces, Riken tyres deliver excellent traction performance throughout every season.