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Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai
Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai


Hankook Tyres

Established in the year 1941 as Hankook Tire and Technology group, the brand has gone on to establish itself as a leader in the automotive industry. As of the most trusted tyre manufacturers in the globe, Hankook is a name that is synonymous with quality and consistency. Although the brand is amongst the preferred brands within the UAE, a true testament to its quality is the fact that Hankook tyres are the preferred choice of wheels among numerous car manufacturers across the globe. One of the most impressive features embedded within Hankook tyres is the use of Optimized Contact Patch (OCP) technology. OCP technology determines pressure points within a tyres and automatically reinforces specific areas that experience the most contact with the road. At Tire.ae, we are proud to be recognized as one of the most trusted suppliers of Hankook Tyres in Dubai. With ultra-competitive prices and guaranteed Free delivery and Free wheel-alignment, we are name you can trust to purchase authentic Hankook tyres. Contact us today for information about our service or to enquire about our available promotions.

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Are Hankook Tyres Suitable for My Vehicle?

As mentioned, Hankook has built up a reputation within the motorsport world due to its expansive range of high-quality tyres. Part of the reason for its popularity comes down to its superior grip and stone ejection technology. In addition to high-performance vehicles, with Tire.ae, you can find Hankook tyres for a variety of vehicles ranging from Passenger cars and SUVs to minivans and heavy-duty vehicles.

Passenger Cars

As mentioned Hankook comes as the factory-installed tyres for a lot of brand vehicle brands across the globe. Hankook tyres are an ideal choice for passenger cars due to its aforementioned OCP technology which ensures heightened consistency and endurance.


In addition to passenger cars, Hankook provides a wide range of models specifically for SUVs. SUV tyres offered by Hankook are designed with the strength to easily support the weight of the vehicle. They also provide the performance and stability required to cruise along at high-speeds.


Hankook's range of heavy-duty tyres are designed to perform on a day-to-day basis under extreme weather and terrain conditions. Some of the other notable reasons as to why you should choose Hankook for trucks and other commercial vehicles is its unwavering stability and superior fuel economy.

Buy Hankook Tyres at Budget Prices

Dubai is known across the globe for its lavish and luxury lifestyle. As such, most drivers often make a conscious effort to keep the costs down while kitting out their vehicles. If you've decided to get Hankook tyres for your vehicle, it should be noted that they are not necessarily "budget" tyres. Although, they may not be most expensive product on the market, some customers may find it difficult to kit their vehicle with Hankook tyres as they wish. However, if you do dish out the cash, you will not be disappointed with the end-result. Due to its premium performance and guaranteed durability, you cannot go wrong with a set of Hankook tyres. The best bet to get Hankook at the lowest prices in the market is to make your purchase through Tire.ae, as we directly source our products and cut out the intermediaries, we are able to provide genuine products at cut-rate prices.

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