Firestone Tyres

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Established in the year 1900, Firestone is a name that’ll be familiar to those among you who follow motorsports. The brand is amongst one of the most trusted names in tyre manufacturing, owing to its partnership with the Ford Motor Company. Firestone currently offers high-performance tyres for SUVs, trucks, sedans, crossover vehicles, and also performance cars. The brand is also known for developing its original technologies such as 5 Pitch Noise Reduction and WeatherGrip HP Tread Compound, to name a couple. Another reason as to Firestone is the preferred choice among vehicle owners in the UAE is due to the enhanced on-road driving experience it offers even on harsh weather conditions. If you wish to buy Firestone tyres in Dubai, choose, we only offer authentic products and have an expansive collection comprising of even the latest 2019 models. To know about our services or to place an enquiry, call us on 800-145.

Why You Should Opt for Firestone Tyres in Dubai

Firestone is amongst those rare tyre brands that continuously strive to stay at the top of their game. The brand is currently one of the best-selling tyres in the globe, with customers heaping praise on its strength and durability. If you are looking for a tyre with longevity and performance in mind, then opt for Firestone tyres. Listed are some of the popular Firestone models, to help make your choice:


The Roadhawk is the ideal choice if you are in search of a summer car that offers superior grip and excellent braking on even dry conditions.


By opting for the TZ300A, you are guaranteeing for yourself a calm and balanced drive. TZ300A also stands apart due to the superior braking it offers on both dry and wet conditions.


Categorized by a modern and aesthetic design, Multihawk should be your go-to-choice if you are looking for excellent wet weather performance and longevity.


The Firehawk series is the perfect solution for your travel troubles. Categorized by its distinctly shaped treads, Firehawk provides you with a stronger foot print on the road.

Destination HP

The Destination HP series has been designed specifically for 4X4s and SUVs. It should be your choice if you are looking for superior handling and braking on those heat-stricken roads.