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Total Products: 318
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Founded 130 years ago, Michelin is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world today. With more than just a recognizable name, Michelin has been responsible for some of the most advanced tyre innovations to date. One such advancement that they’ve introduced is the EverGrip Technology, which ensures that the grip on the tire increases as it wears down. Michelin designs and produces tyres for nearly all type of vehicles, be it; passenger cars, motorcycles, SUVs, or minivans. With Tire.ae, customers can buy Michelin tyres in Dubai for the lowest price on the UAE market. In addition to the tire itself, we offer FREE fitting, FREE wheel balancing, FREE tubeless valves, and much more! With a wide range of quality tries available at competitive prices, what are you waiting for? Call us on 800-145 today!

Our Range of Michelin Tyres

Whether you are looking for Michelin tires for your SUV, truck, or passenger car, at Tire.ae, we'll have something perfectly suited to your needs in Dubai. If you've indeed decided to go with a Michelin Tyre for your vehicle, then choose based on your specific requirement.

Michelin Pilot and SuperSport Range

These are the perfect choice if you are looking to combine safety with exhilarating driving experience. This range of tires is ideal for sports cars and performance-oriented vehicles. Additionally, these Michelin tires are well suited to dry climates in Dubai and make for excellent dry handling. At Tire.ae, we offer these Michelin tyres at low price and with a 5-year warranty in the UAE.

Michelin Energy

If you are looking for a tyre that is fuel-efficient, long-lasting, and safe, then look no further than Michelin's Energy Saver range. These Michelin tyres offer drivers with 30% more mileage than other tires at its price range in the UAE. Equipped with three new technological advancements, drivers can save up to 60 liters of fuel a year if they opt for these Michelin tires in Dubai.

Michelin Latitude Range

These tires were designed specifically for the needs of SUVs and other Crossover vehicles. Engineered to perfection to provide an enhanced driving experience, it is well suited to any high-performance on-road SUV that strives for comfort and effortless handling. Lastly, these Michelin tyres have excellent braking distance on dry and wet Dubai roads for increased safety.

Michelin Primacy Range

An excellent and preferred choice for all high performance and luxury vehicles including; SUVs, 4X4's, and passenger cars. This range offers greater braking distance on wet roads, as well as, better longevity in terms of tire mileage. The supple construction allows for; even wear, longer tread life, and better handling.

Why Choose Michelin Tyres for Your Vehicle in Dubai

When you invest in a Michelin tyre, you are purchasing an award-winning product. Not only do they ensure a safe driving experience, but they also provide you with a reliable and quality product. Furthermore, Michelin tyres are fuel-efficient, adaptable to different terrains, and are virtually soundproof in Dubai.

Michelin tyres have stood the test of time and can accommodate all your needs, whether it be performance or everyday drive. Additionally, Michelin tires are suited for the dryer Dubai climate with their patented EverGrip technology guaranteeing you a smooth journey. Michelin tyres ready and waiting just for you, make your purchase at best price in the UAE from tire.ae today!