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Founded in the year 1909, Sumitomo Rubber Industries has been at the forefront of the global automotive and tyre manufacturing industry for more than a century. The brand has earned its reputation within the market due to the high-quality and durability of its products. Apart from its own product line-up, Sumitomo has also manufactured tyres for the likes of Dunlop, so you may have used its products without even realizing it. One of the brand's most admirable features is its dedication to innovation. Sumitomo has pioneered numerous advancements within the industry, including its widely praised all-season traction system. At, customers can find the most extensive collection of Sumitomo tyres, suitable for vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy-duty vehicles. In addition to Free shipping and alignments, we also offer the lowest market prices on each of the products showcased on our website. To take advantage of our industry-leading deals, contact us by phone or email today.

Why Are Sumitomo Tyres So Popular in Dubai?

Most drivers choose Sumitomo tyres in Dubai due to their relatively low prices. Yes, they are cheap while compared to market standards, but in no way does it mean a compromise on the quality. Additionally, there is so much more to Sumitomo than its budget-friendly prices. Listed are some of the most significant reasons as to why you should Sumitomo tyres in Dubai:

  • Sumitomo’s all-season tyres are built to endure the extreme heat of Dubai due to its dry handling capability.
  • Most Sumitomo tyres boast a feature dubbed “continuous center.” It allows the tyre to maintain stability even in high-speed situations.
  • Sumitomo tyres have designed to provide improved fuel economy. By combining this fact with the earlier reference low prices, Sumitomo is without the ideal choice for drivers on a budget.

Top Sumitomo Tyres For Dubai

With more than a century's experience within the automotive industry, Sumitomo is a name that can trusted to procure top-quality tyres. Your choice of Sumitomo tyre should be based on your vehicle specifications and available budget. Below, we'll discuss some of the brand's most popular products within the UAE.

Encounter HT

The Sumitomo Encounter HT is one of the brand’s finest all-season tyres. With Encounter, drivers can be sure of unparalleled stability, even in the harshest on-road conditions.

Touring LSH

The Touring LSH had been designed specifically for those long-haul journeys. As a multi-terrain model, it is just as suited to the tough desert terrain as well as the sleek streets of the city.


The defining feature of the HTR A/S PO2 is its strength. As a heavy-duty tyre, it has long been the go-to for drivers of SUVs, minivans, and trucks in the United Arab Emirates.


If you drive a sports or performance car and are searching for a reliable set of tyres, consider the HTR Z III. Designed for performance vehicles, the HTR Z III ensures safety and stability in those high-speed journeys.

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