3M Automotive Window Film Tinting

Automotive window film tinting service

In search of a cost-effective and professional automotive window film tinting service in Dubai? Then, we here at Tire.ae can help! As authorized vehicle wrappers of 3M and other high-quality window tint films, we are well-equipped to service our customer’s requirements. Automotive film window tinting is highly recommended due to its effectiveness in blocking out harmful UV rays. Our selection of films is composed of products that can effectively block out harmful UV radiations while allowing natural light to fall through. We offer our customers a choice between five distinct window film series – HP-series, FX-series, Ceramic Series, CS Series, and Crystalline Series. Irrespective of the selection, customers can benefit from warranties of up to 5 years.

Benefits of Window Film Tinting

UV Protection

  • UV Protection

    Dubai all through year witnesses’ temperatures of 45- 50 °C. By opting for 3M automotive window tinting, customers can not only protect themselves from the heat but also from UV radiation.

Minimize Fuel Consumption

  • Minimize Fuel Consumption

    As per studies, more than five percent of the fuel is used by your vehicle’s AC running. With automotive window tint, you can significantly lower the temperature inside the car, which in turn helps to minimize AC usage and thereby enhance fuel efficiency.

Lower Glare

  • Lower Glare

    Has sunlight ever obstructed your vision while on the road? Yes, it happens to all of us, but with window tinting, you can effectively deal with this problem and thereby avoid any accidents from occurring.


  • Privacy

    Keep those prying eyes away from your vehicle’s interiors with window tinting. Additionally, with the extensive choice of colors and shades that we have on offer, customers will be able to find something suited to their vehicle.

Improves Safety

  • Improves Safety

    In the unfortunate event of an accident, standard glass windows are bound to shatter and cause significant harm to those inside and around the vehicle. Window film tinting helps to hold broken glass pieces together under such circumstances.

Why Choose Tire.ae?

  1. With a broad range of colors and shades to choose from, we here at Tire.ae are proud to offer our customers a cost-effective and professional window tinting service. From dyed, metalized and hybrid tints to carbon and ceramic tints, we have something for everyone. We also have cut-rate deals on car window tinting, so get in touch with us today for more details on our services.
  2. 3M films have been proven to effective in acting against UV radiation. As an authorized dealer of 3M automotive films, we can help to ensure that you and your passengers are adequately protected at all times.
  3. Equipped with the latest in window retrofit technology, we can accurately address all glare related issues.

We also offer a whole host of vehicle-related services, including 3M car detailing, alloy wheel restoration, battery replacement, and more.

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