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Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai
Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai


Kumho Tyres

First introduced in 1969, Kumho Tire Co. has, over the last six decades, managed to carve a name for itself within the highly competitive automotive industry. With an unwavering commitment to developing innovative designs, Kumho has been responsible for numerous significant advancements in tyre technology. The brand currently has on offer products suited for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, and high-performance vehicles. At Tire.ae, we are proud to be recognized as the most trusted source to procure Kumho tyres in Dubai. Browse through our extensive tyre catalog and find a product that fits your requirements and available budget. Apart from offering our tyres for the lowest possible prices, our customers can avail Free shipping to any location within the UAE. Customers can take advantage of our available deals by either dropping by our garage in Dubai or by making their purchase online. For further information on our products or services, contact our team today!

Our Kumho Tyre Inventory

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Kumho – A Leader in Innovation

When it comes to innovation within the tyre manufacturing industry, Kumho is virtually unparalleled. One of its most-talked-about inventions is its F3 technology. Through F3 technology, Kumho has been able to produce high-performance aerodynamic tyres for a fraction of the cost of rival models. Some of the other noteworthy features pioneered by Kumho includes:

  • ● XRP technology, which utilizes a unique rubber compound to achieve heightened safety. By reinforcing the sidewall, XRP technology prevents warping even when a tyre loses air pressure.
  • ● Synthetic-free tyres, which make use of only epoxidized natural rubber. Due to its greater elasticity, it can be extremely beneficial in rough terrains. Additionally, these tyres also boast reduced CO2 rates.
  • ● Lightweight Tyres - With an effort to reduce the damage caused to the environment by discarded, Kumho drastically cut on the size of its tyres without compromising on the quality.

Are Kumho Tyres Suitable for Electric Cars?

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular in Dubai. Unfortunately, finding tyres suitable for an electric vehicle can sometimes be a challenge. It is where Kumho's range of ECOTRON tyres come into play. The ECOTRON series has been developed specifically within an eye on the future. ECOTRON features a specially-designed strain of shock-absorbent material known as "silica," which helps to lower rolling resistance. The model also stands apart due to its reduced combustion rate and helps to reduce your carbon footprint drastically. With Tire.ae, you can buy ECOTRON series of tyres for the most competitive market prices.

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