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Auto fleet maintenance services

If your business is entirely dependent on its vehicles, such as the delivery of goods and equipment or passenger transport, then you’ll know the importance of fleet maintenance and how it can help you to reduce downtime. Whether it be an SME or a corporate organization, auto fleet maintenance services are a necessity to keep your vehicle in excellent condition, well organized, and to ensure that they are working to the best of their capabilities. From passenger cars and SUVs to heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses, we here at Tire.ae focus on providing our customers based in Dubai and across the UAE with a reliable and cost-efficient auto fleet maintenance service.

At Tire.ae, we work with a clear understanding of just how important your vehicles are to your business. We understand that vehicle of the road can cost more to your business than just a repair bill. Our team of technicians are experts in their domain and combined with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology we use; we are best placed to keep your vehicles complaint and on the road.

Why Choose Our Auto Fleet Maintenance Service?

Our goal here at Tire.ae is to help our corporate clients maintain their commercial vehicles and keep it running without any unforeseen failures. Listed are a few more reasons to choose our fleet maintenance service in Dubai:

Eliminate operational risk

Eliminate operational risk and ensure that your vehicles remain compliant.


Make your vehicles more eco-friendlier.

Cut-down on accidental damage

Cut-down on accidental damage and other related mishaps.

Maintenance service

Fully flexible maintenance service – when and where you want them.

Experienced team

Experienced team who knows how to maximize your vehicle’s uptime.

Our Range of Services

Listed are some of the key offerings under our auto fleet maintenance service in Dubai:

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