Our Warranty Policy

Tyre Limited Written Promise

All tires sold by TIRE.AE or Sun gate Tyres Trading have a manufacturer’s limited warranty. The tyre limited warranty is given by tyre manufacturer for a period of one year depends upon their policy against manufacturing defect that will be determined by their authorized agents/representative in territory where tyres were purchased and authorized representatives updating these terms and conditions on their local website as well.

This warranty applies only to the original tyre purchaser, and is not transferrable to any other party.

If buyer is using tyre size other than car manufacturer’s recommendations, then it will be 100% buyer responsibility and Tire.ae / Sungate Tyres Trading LLC will not bear any liability.

Claim Procedure for Tyre Limited Warranty

  • Tyres must be submitted with original invoice of purchase.
  • Tyre will be sent for inspection by authorized personal of manufacturing agent.
  • Complete inspection process can take 2 to 3 weeks’ time.
  • The final decision after investigation will be made by Manufacturer’s authorized personnel.
  • Customer may have to buy new tyres while the claim tyres sent for inspection to Manufacturing agent.
  • If manufacturer agent approves the claim and compensate then the same compensated amount will be refunded to the customer.
  • Tyre compensation shall be made according to the percentage of tyre consumed.

A Claim Involve Any One of Below Categories Will Not be Accepted

  • Damage of tyres, tubes and flaps caused by improper use or storage.
  • Tyres used beyond the original tread life.
  • Tyres that have been repaired, recapped or reclaimed.
  • Incorrect tyre size and load rating according to vehicle specification.
  • Tyre damage because of misalignment, wheel imbalance,tyres rotation on regular basis, defective brakes or shock absorbers, under inflation or over inflation or other improper maintenance, overloading, oil or chemical action, fire, use of tyre chain, use of racing or other competition events, wreck or collision, using flat tyre, Improper application of tire size and/or specification, willful damage or abuse, Mechanical irregularities in the vehicle or wheel, such as bent wheel assemblies, incorrect wheel size, worn or faulty components.
  • Damage resulting by improper material used to repair.
  • Tyre damaged from road hazards like puncture, through cut, impact break, stone drill or bruise etc.
  • Any other damage caused by buyer’s or user’s act or omission not in conformity with manufacturer’s specifications or instructions.

Car Batteries Warranty Policy

All our car batteries have warranty from batter manufacturer. They warranty period of Car Batteries in 12 Months from the date of purchase if more than 12 Months then will mention on invoice as an additional note.

During the warranty period if the car battery fails then buyers will bring car battery in our point of sale and buyer will pay the cost to bring that battery as seller will not pay any transportation cost.

Buyer will deliver the defective car battery in its immaculate form, without drainage of electrolytes and not violating the uprightness of car manufacturer’s marking for finding the reason of failure.

A Battery Claim Involve Any One of Below Categories Will Not be Accepted

  • Buyer is not able to provide original invoice.
  • Contravention the probity of manufacturer label on car battery.
  • Inattentive damage to battery case, wrenching or liquefy the leads.
  • Detonation of car battery due to the breakage of internal electrical circuit.
  • Presenting the car battery with drained electrolytes.
  • The charging voltages in car’s electrical circuit are vary from permitted one.
  • Use of car battery not for intended purpose or wrong choice of battery for this car.
  • By using the battery on a car with imperfect electrical equipment.
  • Prolonged storage of the car or very minimal car usage.
  • The marking on the car battery is not same as on warranty card.

Services Warranty

There is no warranty on services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing or any other mechanical service done at Tire.ae / Sungate Tyres Trading LLC.We will hand over the car to fix the services issue to customer and after that any problem comes with the car then customer cannot claim warranty on services.

Spare Parts Warranty

There is no warranty on aftermarket parts or used parts.

If parts are original, then will have the warranty from authorized parts distributor in selling territory not from Tire.ae side.