Oil Change for Truck & Bus

Oil Change

From coaches and buses through to delivery vehicles of all sizes, we here at Tire.ae understand how important your commercial vehicles are to the success of your business operations. Heavy vehicles, including buses and trucks, require special attention when it comes to oil change and related services as the payload they carry and the terrain they have to tackle are drastically different from the challenges faced by passenger cars and SUVs. 

Our range of lubricants has been sourced to meet the requirements of all heavy vehicles that operate within the UAE. Additionally, with Tire.ae, customers can rest assured knowing that they are getting a high quality, durable lubricant that will protect not only their commercial vehicle but also the environment. For a garage that genuinely understands the difference between the oil needs of light vehicles and heavy vehicles, get in touch with our team today!

Why Choose Tire.ae

Diesel engines require more attention while compared to their petrol counterparts; as such, it is essential to get the oil dipstick checked at least once in a week. Additionally, in a country such as the UAE, which is prone to arid climatic conditions, the lubricating oil on your vehicles can get contaminated much quickly, thereby needing specialist attention. At Tire.ae, we seek to provide our customers with a service that addresses their oil change requirements in a cost-effective and professional manner. We also offer a whole host of related services, including oil filter change, spark plug replacement, and chassis inspection at competitive market prices. To provide your commercial vehicles with the attention it deserves, bring the same to our garage at Tire.ae. Apart from heavy vehicles, we also extend our oil change services to passenger cars and SUVs.

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