Car AC (Air Conditioning) Repair Services

Car AC Repair

In a country such as the UAE, where temperatures always hover between 45-50 degrees Celsius, it is essential to keep yourself comfortable, even while on the road. Even the best of us have suffered from road rage due to a faulty or non-operational AC. Additionally, air conditioners are usually a haven for germs and disease-causing bacteria, which, if not serviced on time, can give rise to respiratory illnesses to its passengers. Regular A/C maintenance, therefore, is a necessity to protect yourself and also the vehicle’s interiors. While you are opting for this service, be sure to choose a garage that has in place qualified technicians and specialist equipment to quickly and accurately fix your troubles.

Some of the critical parts within a vehicle’s AC system that requires timely maintenance includes – evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Also, if there is a foul smell coming from your AC vents, then it’s a sign of bacteria and requires prompt attention from a technician. To get your car AC repair and maintenance in Dubai done by a specialist team, get in touch with today!

Why Choose

  • We only use genuine OEM spare parts

    We only use genuine OEM spare parts when there is a need to replace components within the AC system. The use of genuine parts, although it is costly, ensures that the new part shall last for a more extended period.

  • AC cleaning and repair service

    Our AC cleaning and repair service includes unique disinfection treatments and refilling the refrigerant. It is essential to check whether your AC is fully operational before heading out on any lengthy road-trip within the UAE.

Apart from AC-related services, we also provide numerous other vehicle-related services, including car window tinting, car detailing, and a whole host of tire-related services.

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