Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

 Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

While your vehicle might be in perfect working condition, how it looks on the outside plays a big part in estimating its resale value. Ceramic paint protection coating is a necessity in a country such as the UAE, where the weather and other environmental factors are often harsh and unrelenting. A Nano ceramic paint protection coating is a highly effective protective film that helps to safeguard the vehicle's body from minor scratches and dents caused by dirt and debris. Additionally, apart from keeping the vehicle looking bright and shiny, Nano ceramic paint protection also helps in raising any given vehicle's resale value.

Unlike placing a car window tint or normal paint protection film, Nano ceramic paint protection needs to be fitted by experienced professionals. Before placing the coating, the vehicle's exteriors need to be washed and polished thoroughly to remove any impurities present on it. Our team at, have undergone extensive training and have the experience to get the job done in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our Ceramic Paint Protection Service Inclusions

Based on the level of protection required, we here at offer two different Nano paint protection packages to our customers.

Three-layer Coating

With a two-year warranty, this coating will provide your vehicle with a high level of protection against scratches and dents caused by various on-road elements. It also provides adequate protection against UV rays.

Five-layer Coating

Provide your vehicle with the highest level of protection by choosing a five-layer ceramic coat. It comes with a 4-year warranty and is highly effective in warding off damage caused by environmental contaminants.

Why Choose

  • Team of professionals

    Backed by a highly experienced and trained team of professionals, we can provide your vehicle with the protection it needs.

  • Nano ceramic paint protection

    We have a designated contaminant-free area in which we render our ceramic paint protection service.

  • Products from tested brands

    We only use products sourced from tried and tested brands for our ceramic paint protection service.

  • Car services

    In addition to ceramic paint protection, we also provide 3M car window timing, wheel rim restoration, and tire replacement service, among others.

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