Wheel Rim Restoration

Wheel rim restoration

Although there is no shortage of online and retail stores in Dubai that offer alloy wheel rims on sale, finding a reliable wheel rim restoration center can prove to be a tricky proposition. Alloy wheels have more or less become a fashion accessory to most modern vehicles. Not only do they provide an extra definition to the car, but their performance and eye-catching detailing make them stand out.

A worn-out or damaged set of wheel rims can drastically impact both the performance of the vehicle, as well as its safety. Even dents or cracks that may seem minor at first can take a toll on the car both in terms of handling, as well as fuel economy if it’s not dealt with promptly. Alloy wheels can be damaged for a variety of reasons, including curbing, locking wheel nuts, and under-inflated tires, to name a few. From diamond cutting and powder-coated wheel refurbishment to full customization facility, we here at Tire.ae, use the latest in cutting and cleaning technology to restore and refurbish alloy wheels at cost-effective prices.

Why Choose Tire.ae

Get in touch with our team today to know how we can help with your wheel rim restoration requirements in Dubai.

  • Handling any form of wheel rim repair jobs

    Composed of a highly-skilled group of automotive technicians, we here at Tire.ae are capable of handling any form of wheel rim repair jobs in Dubai. We are well-equipped in terms of both machinery and workforce to transform even the most worn-out set of wheels back to their former glory.

  • Cost-effective

    As mentioned, we are equipped with the most modern technology and machinery to repair all kinds of wheels, including those passenger cars and heavy vehicles. Our service is not only cost-effective in its pricing but is also designed to ensure that you will not need to spend on new wheel rims, anytime soon.

  • A broad range of vehicle-related services

    Apart from wheel rim restoration, we do provide a broad range of other vehicle-related services, including car body painting, battery testing, and replacement, and also tire replacement.

Get in touch with our team today to know how we can help with your wheel rim restoration requirements in Dubai.

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