Battery Change for Truck & Bus

Battery Change for Truck and Bus

Unlike passenger vehicles, downtime for heavy commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks can prove to be an expensive proposition. To ensure that your heavy vehicle fleet remains productive, battery related problems need to be diagnosed and dealt with promptly. At, we specialize in providing businesses big and small, with a cost-effective and professional service to tackle battery-related problems to their trucks and other commercial vehicles. If the battery of your public transport or commercial vehicle is more than three years old, do not wait around for it to fail, simply send us an inquiry, and we’ll get your battery checked for free!

The Difference

To keep your trucks and buses on the road, bring it to the garage for inspection. Not only do we provide free battery inspection, but we diagnose all related problems using some of the most modern equipment currently available in the market. Upon the completion of the free check-up and the detailed report that we provide, customers are free to decide whether they want a new battery or get the one they have repaired. Furthermore, with, you do not need to fix a prior appointment to avail any of our battery-related services. We represent some of the major car battery manufacturers around the globe and can thereby provide you with the best price possible. For more details, get in touch with our team today.

Apart from battery-related services, we also do provide oil change, car body painting, and tire services for heavy commercial vehicles, including buses and trucks.

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