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SEAMTYRE ranks amongst the best regional tyre brands within the UAE. Manufactured by Al Nouf Auto, SEAMTYRE is a favorite among vehicle owners within Dubai and the greater UAE due to the highly-quality and robust nature of their products. Each SEAMTYRE product is explicitly designed to handle the demanding on-road conditions within the country. SEAMTYRE products are further optimized with ribs and horizontal tread squares, which helps to improve steering ability and makes for a smooth and quiet ride. Presently, SEAMTYRE has products on offer for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, Crossovers, and Minivans. 

At, we hold the most comprehensive collection of SEAMTYRES in Dubai. Not only can you find a SEAMTYRE tyres perfectly suited to your requirements, but you can also get it for the best price in the market at our shop. To further enhance your experience with us, we offer Free Fitting and Alignment checks with each of your purchases. To know more or to book a set of Roadstone Tyres, reach out to us by dialing 800-145.

Why Opt for SEAMTYRE in Dubai?

One of the unique features about SEAMTYRE products is that they are optimized with a silica tread compound which allows for low rolling resistance and solid wet grip. Additionally, SEAMTYRE products offers exceptional grip and traction and enables easy operation over sand, loose, and uneven grounds such as desert plains. By choosing SEAMTYRE for your vehicle, you'll benefit from a product that offers better mileage, increased on-road stability, and minimal noise.

Get Your SEAMTYRE’s From

Here at, you can find a broad array of authentic SEAMTYRE products at competitive market prices. We take pride in ourselves for providing quality tyres at the most affordable market rates in the country. Aside from our commitment to low prices, we offer you the best service around by providing our clients access to our free mobile fitment service. Our team members will come to your door to install, fit, and adjust your tyres at your earliest convenience.

Do not hesitate to get your new wheels from for fast, affordable, and excellent service. We look forward to hearing from you, so give us a call on 800 145 or send us an enquiry on the site!