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Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai
Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai


Lanvigator Tyres

Lanvigator may not be the most popular tyre brand out there, but it certainly ranks amongst the best when it comes to the quality of its products. At Tire.ae, you can Lanvigator tyres suited to a wide range of vehicles ranging from passenger cars and SUVs to trucks and other commercial vehicles. Not only are their products of the highest quality, but they also embedded with numerous advanced technological features. One of the most notable features of Lanvigator range of tyres is its enhanced fuel efficiency and longevity. The brand also promises superior on-road performance even on the harshest terrain due to its low rolling-resistance feature. To buy Lanvigator tyres at the lowest market rates in Dubai, choose Tire.ae. We currently an exclusive running promotion through which you can get a set of four Lanvigator tyres for the price of three. For any questions with regard to our products or services, reach out to us today.

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How to Choose a Lanvigator Tyre for Your Vehicle

The United Arab Emirates is a truly unique country and driving here is no different. Choosing a set of tyres of your vehicle should be a decision that should be well-thought out. If you are hoping to buy Lanvigator tyres in Dubai, here are some key factors you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

Dry Traction

The first picture that comes into mind when anyone says Dubai is the sun-stroked desert landscape. Temperatures in the country can regularly soar above 45-50 Celsius. To safely drive under such taxing conditions, you'll need a set of tyres that offer superior dry traction.

Stone Ejection

For people residing within the UAE, a weekend trip to desert is the perfect getaway. If you are among them, you should choose a Lanvigator tyre enhanced with stone ejection technology. It ensures that rocks and other rubbles do not get stuck in between the threads.

Short Braking Distance

Dubai is one of the busiest cities on earth. Because of this, driving in the Emirate can be a challenge. You will likely find yourself in several situations where braking quickly is necessary to avoid the unthinkable. For this reason, you should choose Lanvigator tyres specifically designed for short distance braking.

Why Choose to Buy Lanvigator Tyres From Tire.ae

As mentioned, when you opt to buy Lanvigator tyres in Dubai from Tire.ae, you are assured to receive your purchase at the lowest market rates. Additionally, our expansive Lanvigator catalog further ensures that you will find a set of tyres that is perfectly suited for your vehicle. In addition to sourcing authentic products directly from the suppliers, we also quality-check each of the products listed on our website to ensure that our customers are only provided with the best.

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