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Hemisphere Tyres are considered to be one of the most well-known tires, primarily being registered with a US trademark. Tire.ae brings to the table one of the widely known UHP, SUV, CUV, LT, and WINTER fitments tyres. The enthusiastic buyer’s needs and price points are purposefully met. Built with first-class technology, these splendid tyres come without the first-class price tag. One of the great aspects of these tires is that they tend to stand out as compared to the rest. Even the width, height, and rim size of these tires are well-suited according to the purchaser’s need. Our utmost job is to make sure that our buyers are pleased, and that is why we issue a passenger tire limited warranty as well as a limited tread life warranty. Apart from our reasonable rates, we happily provide free deliveries as well as free alignment checks, thus never failing to please customers all around Dubai and UAE. Register the type of Hemisphere tire you prefer and get in touch by leaving the rest to our professionals.

Get Your Hands-on Hemisphere Tyres

Hemisphere Tires have a silica-infused tread compound making each driving experience beneficial in the long run. Their exceptional quality reduces vibration improving performance and handling capabilities, making every drive smooth and comfortable. Let’s focus on a variety of benefits below to gain a better understanding of these well-protected Hemisphere Tyres.


While the prices differ in terms of size, they are known to be relatively affordable in the market. Depending on your unique requirement, we offer a variety of tyres at various price points making quality available at an affordable price range.


Considered to be one of the best US-made products, Hemisphere Tyres aids in a comfortable ride without any road clamor thanks to the high-quality materials. It’s also ranked high in terms of ‘wear life,’ thus improving road performance.

Weather Resistant

These tires are perfectly crafted to suit any weather and tackle any issues concerning all terrains drives. Besides promoting all-weather traction, the uneven track plan and season compounds help in facilitating a proper grip for all weather conditions.


Hemisphere Tyres have a high sense of durability, with apt puncture protection, making it easy for you to travel long distances. The inverted tread design and long-lasting commuting tyre is something that cannot be overlooked.


These tyres are a definite high-performance type. There is an improvement in handling performance because of the decreased amount of friction between the road and the tyre. The performance is also calculated in three categories: economy, comfort, and safety.