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Manufactured by Wanli since 2004, Aptany tyres are a great cost-effective option to pricier tier brands in Dubai. The tyres are made by using a modern plant where the entire manufacturing process has been automated to perfection. Top-quality and excellent finish are ensured through the use of robots and sensors to perform quality checks during production. Designed to meet international standards, the company has also focused on creating a tyre that provides the users with a comfortable ride. It definitely ranks as an attractive alternative when it comes to changing your car's tyres. Designed and developed to perform under all weather conditions, the responsive tyres provide good stability for maneuvers while negotiating tight corners. They are also relatively safe and enhance the ride quality by minimizing any vibrations. Well suited for driving around the city or your daily commute, Aptany tyres are a popular choice among its satisfied customers. As reputable tyre dealers in Dubai, we take pride in offering a diverse range to meet various car’s needs.

Tyres To Suit Every Trip

Aptany tyres are experienced in providing quality tyres in the international market at affordable rates. The tyres manufactured by the company are designed to deliver a smooth ride across various terrains and climatic conditions in the UAE. Specializing in producing tyres for cars, the company has a good understanding of the specific requirements for vehicles of those dimensions in Dubai.


An excellent tyre to drive in hot climates, the RA363 is a size 17 tyre. This car tyre comes as a 205/45 R17 84V and can support a maximum speed of 240 km/hr.


This is an excellent tyre for vans and small trucks, especially in places that witness hot summers. Available in different sizes, you will indeed find an RL023 to match your vehicle perfectly.


Ideal for touring, the Aptany RP203 is an apt tyre for passenger cars. Designed to deliver a comfortable ride in summery climates, it is well suited for use in the UAE.