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120/116S ROYAL A/T
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RoyalBlack Tyres is the ultimate choice of any driver in Dubai. The company specializes in tyre design, engineering, and testing for TBR and PCR products. From bus tyres to commercial truck tyres and even passenger car tyres, Royal Black Tyres has it all. Experience a smooth, quiet, and comfortable drive as these tires are set to provide excellent performance, quality, and safety of the vehicle. They manufacture more than 30 patterns in 400 sizes, thereby enabling drivers to find the most suitable set of tyres for their car. Designed with advanced production technology, it is a brand that you can trust. These tires deliver excellent performance at low rolling resistance and are fuel-efficient. You are assured of safe driving with improved high strength cap design and structure design. Thanks to its sipe tread design, you experience low heating. To purchase these tyres, send us an inquiry today!

Delivering ‘Driving Emotion’

Make every movement satisfying and precise with RoyalBlack Tyres and regain your confidence behind the wheel. Tested to their limits RoyalBlack Tyres strive to enhance safety, performance, deliver a better driving experience and overall control of the vehicle. These tires have been developed, keeping in mind an eco-friendly outlook and efficiency in production.