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Established in the year 1942, Nexen Tire Corporation has been producing award-winning tires for nearly 80 years. From passenger cars to SUVs and light trucks, Nexen offers a wide variety of tyres suited to all types of vehicles. The brand has made it their mission to create the "Next Century Tire" and strives to ensure that customers can extract the maximum possible performance from their vehicles. With, customers can buy Nexen tyres in Dubai for the lowest prices in the country. In addition to ensuring that you get the best value for your money, we also offer FREE tyre fitting and wheel balancing with each purchase. Browse through our online catalog and choose a Nexen tyre in line with your requirement, to know more about our service, call us on 800-145!

Equip Your Vehicle with a Strong and Durable Nexen Tyre

For nearly eight decades, Nexen has been at the forefront of tyre excellence and innovation. They've got a recorded history of customer satisfaction for their top quality and next-generation products. Nexen tyres should be the go-to-choice for customers who prefer performance over other aspects. These tyres are designed to render a smooth, silent, and comfortable drive, irrespective of the terrain conditions. Additionally, Nexen tyres are manufactured for lifelong durability and performance - hence they are guaranteed to keep you moving. To get Nexen tyres fitted to your vehicle, contact us at today!

Are Nexen Tyres Worth Its Price Tag?

Quality products never come cheap; however, they are more often than not worth the price tag. Nexen is a leader in providing not just quality products, but also renowned customer service. When you purchase a Nexen tyre, you are investing in a product that has won numerous accolades. Furthermore, the brand has demonstrated the ability to create designs that enhance vehicle performance. For a hassle-free and optimal on-road experience, opt for Nexen Tyres in Dubai.