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Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai
Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai


Maxxis Tyres

Known for its long tread life and outstanding performance, Maxxis tyres are one of the trusted brands available in the market today. First introduced in 1967, Maxxis tyres have slowly but surely grown in popularity and are currently available in more than 150+ countries. Developed using the latest in tyre technology, Maxxis line of products are available for SUVs, passenger cars, vans, and even industrial vehicles. Maxxis tyres also come with a 100% lifetime warranty, as such you are protected against manufacturing defects and damages caused by regular road use.

Tire.ae is the largest online retailer of Maxxis tyres in Dubai. We house the most comprehensive collection of Maxxis high-performance tyres for the most reasonable market prices. Browse through our online catalog and choose a product that matches your required specifications. In case you cannot find one that suits your needs, reach out our team and we`ll make it available for you. With Tire.ae, customers can also avail free delivery and alignment check with each of their purchases. To know more about our service, call us on 800-145 or write to us on info@tire.ae.

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Why Opt for Maxxis Tyres in Dubai

As mentioned, Maxxis Tyres have been in the market for more than 50 years and are now one of the global leaders in tyre manufacturing. Maxxis` range of products is unique due to the durability and versatility it offers. A large number of vehicle owners in the UAE are now opting for Maxxis Tyres as they can handle even the harshest of terrain conditions. Moreover, the latest generation of Maxxis tyres is puncture-resistant thanks to a super-tough flexible casing that is designed to withstand almost any punishment. At Tire.ae, we highly recommend Maxxis tyres due to the outstanding value and resolute off-road performance they offer.

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