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The Premium Source of Continental Tyres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Continental is a tyre brand that closely embodies the German obsession for precisision engineering and design with its best-in-class tyres. Since 1871, the company has been at the forefront of tire development, producing innovative designs and products on par with premium products in the industry. With emphasis on improving the fuel economy of vehicles, the company has placed a focus on reduced rolling-resistance tyres. Today, it offers some of the most advanced tyres in the industry, including noise-reducing designs and widened tyres for improved grip on winter.

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Continental Tires at the Best Prices, Only Here at is an online tire shop that offers new, branded tires at incredible prices. Since we first opened business in 2004, we have committed to provide our customers with the best choices in the local market. To achieve this, we have adopted a unique business approach – we have partnered directly with suppliers and manufacturers. This business model has enabled us to ensure that we obtain authentic, high quality products to offer to our customers.

More importantly, we are able to translate our cost-savings into product prices that cannot be matched by any of our competitors today. When it comes to orders for Continental tyres, Dubai and Abu Dhabi drivers can rest assured they are getting the best offer around town.

Get your Continental Tires Fitted on Your Vehicle

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have introduced a service that adds value to our products – the Mobile Tyre Fitting service. With this, customers can easily have their new tires delivered and fitted on their cars without any hassle. Whether they are at their home in Jumeirah Beach Residence or at work in Downtown Dubai, we can provide quick and timely service.

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