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Total Products: 239
Total Products: 239
91H ECO 5
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Designed and manufactured to deliver a superior driving performance, Continental’s range of best-in-class tyres is a true testament to the German obsession of precision engineering and design. The brand constantly strives to innovate and develop products that make on-road mobility safer, comfortable, and sustainable for their customers.

Continental offers a number of summer and all-season tyres to meet the demands of vivid road vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, and Vans. Some of their more popular options include the Contisport contact – sporty tyres which ensure maximum safety, Conti Premium Contact – luxury performance tyres which offer enhanced comfort and safety, and the Conti Eco Contact – a fuel-efficient range of tyres. With an emphasis on improving the fuel efficiency of vehicles, the company has placed a focus on developing tyres with reduced rolling resistance. Today, continental offers some of the most advanced tyres in the industry, including noise-reducing designs and widened tyres for improved grip.

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