What You Should Know Before Buying New Car Tires

Purchasing a car is like fulfilling a dream. We take care of it like a family member, ensuring that no harm comes it's way. However, the maintenance of the tires generally remains the highest investment we must continuously make.

Every few years, your car needs new Michelin tyres. But if you purchase them in a hurry, you might have to make the purchase rather frequently. To avoid this situation, it is always wise to consider a few things before you start to plan a tire purchase.

Here we will tell you some things you must keep in mind while purchasing tires.

Michelin tyres

Think About What You Need

Two drivers do not drive alike. That is why when doing your research; you must understand basic factors like

  • Quality of ride
  • Economy of vehicle
  • Noise suppression
  • Cost
  • Loading capability

For example, you cannot use van tires in a passenger car because the requirements differ in both cases.

The tires available differ in their load capacity, size, and some other features. For a rugged car driver, an all-season tire would never work. Instead, buying a tire with a wide tread and outer walls that are thin is going to suit the bait.

When Should You Change?

There is actually no specific rule about changing the tire. However, it is always wise if you can change tires during the autumn season. A new tire on summer roads would not do very well. However, it finds a firm grip on the dripping roads.

Hence, it is suggested that you buy tires before winter arrives. When hot weather arrives, your tires will have settled down. Doing the opposite might not give the tires the time to adapt.

Weather Conditions

Obviously, the weather of the place you live in will decide the kind of tires you pick. A place like Dubai has extremely high temperatures during the summer. Naturally, then you will have to choose a tire that can stand up to the rising heat. In that case, summer or all-weather tires would do your job well. Ask the salesman which tire would suit your car and survive for an extended period.

Summing Up

If you are buying tires for your car, you have to be extremely careful. A suitable pair not only leads to a smooth drive but averts any accidents. The above tips will guide you on how to choose the best tires.

Check Michelin tyres prices in UAE before you start finalizing your deal. A trustworthy dealer would offer you the best value and ensure the quality of the tires is perfect too. Before making a decision, do your research to prevent mistakes.