What Are the Causes of Your Car's Failure to Start?

If you're looking at replacing your tire with off-road tyres, you will find plenty of places in Dubai and across the UAE that would help you with the same. You should also consider shopping online tires Dubai. Let's have a look at a few of the possibilities why your vehicle won't start:

If the car is coming to a halt, do not keep twisting the key for an extended period of time. Avoid cranking the engine for more than 15 seconds when the temperature is cold, which can damage the engine.

Even after twisting the key, the engine will not start. This could be an electrical problem.

A discharged battery

The automobile battery might be dead for a number of reasons, and this could be one of them. In these scenarios’ jumper cables are useful. The alternator will begin to replenish the battery while the car is operating as soon as it is jump-started. Since there is a lot of corrosion around the battery terminals, this is a recurring problem.

Problem with the Starter Engine

You'd look under the hood for the starter, inspect it, and determine the source of the problem. The engine should make a clicking sound when you start it; if it doesn't, the battery is dead.

Ignition Is Damaged or Broken

The car will not start if the ignition switch is damaged or broken. Assuming the car's headlights have switched on, but it isn't starting; this implies that the battery is fully charged; however, the starter ignition may be malfunctioning.

The car's engine cranks, but it won't start if: 

The car's engine cranks but does not start, indicating that the electricals are in good working order. You'll need a few things for your car to work effectively, including compression, fuel, air, and spark.


There are a few things you can do if you believe there is a problem with the fuel. Due to the cold weather, the gasoline line may have frozen and will need to be thawed.

Gas Tank Is Empty

It's possible that your automobile didn't notify you that the gas tank was empty, but this could be a problem.

Fuel Filter Replacement 

Check the car's manual to learn the frequency required to change the fuel filter. The filter could be clogged, restricting the flow of gas to the engine.

No Spark

Your car is cranking up; however, it won't start, which means that it isn't receiving a spark. The fuel must be ignited with a spark, to start the car. You could also check it out by yourself. However, professional service is advised.