Tire Safety Checklist

Tire Safety Checklist

When driving on the road, your safety depends on the status of your vehicle's wheel. Therefore, it becomes predominant to evaluate your tire consistently to maintain the correct grip on the road. Examining the tread depth and inflation pressure in your wheels will help you detect disturbances such as punchers, holes, brakes, and so much more. Moreover, tire protection conceivably means safeguarding your vehicle from misadventures. Assuring your protection on the road, we have listed some easy tips to perform a security check on your tire.

Perform an Air Pressure Check

According to the suppliers of the best tyres in Dubai, both overpressure and under pressure in tires can lead to tire failure and tread wear. Keeping a regular check will ensure your tires stay long and consume less fuel. To perform a monthly review of air pressure at the facility at your doorstep, you can opt for a few online premium tire shops in Dubai or use a tire pressure gauge.

Keep Track of Your Tire Treads

With time, the treads on your tire tend to slack their grip, thereby causing reduced control. To ensure the tire treads are perfect, keep a regular check on them. You can also perform some home tasks to validate its use. Placing a penny in a vertical position to each of your tires with Lincoln's heads facing down will give you precise results. If Lincoln's head appears, it's probably the time for you to get a new tire.

Rotation Pattern

The tires of your vehicle move in different directions. They rotate and switch their patterns while running on the road. Performing a check on the different designs and styles will give you a thorough knowledge of any irregular wear and tear on your wheels. Both off road tyres and on-road tires need to be modified from time to time. Rotating your tires up to 5000-6000 miles is the standard recommendation.

Wheel Alignment and Balance

Tire balancing and wheel alignment are other important methods to perform your tire safety check. Balanced tires make sure that the tires are well-fitted and run smoothly on the road with reduced vibration. On the other hand, wheel alignment helps your vehicle travel straight without pulling or drifting. Safeguarding yourself against little details will help you save extra pennies in the future.

An Uneven Wear

At times, your tires may wear down without you noticing. It may overinflate, causing an excessive breakdown in the center or underinflate, causing excessive wear on the shoulders of your tires. A track of wear in your tires is to be noticed and worked on. Other wearing issues such as spotting the flat spot to avoid sudden brake and skitting your vehicle are also important. Finally, detecting worn-out parts will also prevent you from unexpected wear.


Implementing the details stated above and other suggestions such as coordinating your new tires with the old ones and opting for a tire replacement when needed. The status of your tire is considerably affected by your driving habits. Steering patiently on the road will pull less strain on your tires and keep you away from misfortunes. If you spot any unforeseen situation that needs paramount care, don't forget to ask specialists and avail of their learned services.