Summer Or All-Season Tyres: Which Is Best For UAE Drivers

The extremely hot weather and constant heat waves put a lot of stress on your car, especially the tyres, which is why choosing the right tyre is so important for safety and performance.

When driving in cities like Dubai, the tyres you choose make a big difference. Therefore, selecting the right tyre that provides better traction, stability, and control helps keep you safe and comfortable.

In this guide, we will help you make an informed choice by exploring summer tyres and all-season tyres, so you can decide which is best for your car in the UAE.

Understanding Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are made for warm weather and dry roads. They have a softer rubber compound that grips the road really well, even when it's hot. This means you get better traction and handling. Because they are designed for warm climates, they are very popular in dry conditions but can also perform in light rain.

The tread pattern on summer tyres is often designed to give you more surface contact with the road, which is great for sharp turns and high-speed driving. This design is perfect for sharp turns, high-speed drive, and quick acceleration.

Understanding All-Weather Tyres

All-weather tyres are designed to work in a variety of conditions, from warm and dry to mild snow or rain. They use a special rubber compound that stays flexible in a wider range of temperatures, so they can handle both heat and cold. This makes them perfect for both conditions, making them a good choice if you drive in diverse conditions.

The tread pattern is more complex than summer tyres, with deeper grooves to channel water away and prevent hydroplaning. This design provides better traction in wet conditions as well.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tyres in UAE

When you’re picking tyres for your car in the UAE, you should keep a few things in mind to make your ride smooth and comfortable. Here are six factors you need to consider before buying tires in UAE.

1. Weather Conditions - The UAE’s climate is mostly hot and humid. So you’ll need tyres that can handle high temperatures and still provide excellent grip. This is important for both safety and performance.

2. Driving Style - The way you drive plays a big role in your tire choice. If you like to drive fast, you will need tyres with superior traction and handling. This will keep your car in control.

3. Road Type - Think about where you usually drive. If you drive on city streets, you will prefer more about comfort and quietness. But if you drive into the desert or off-road, you will need tyres with more grip.

4. Vehicle - Your vehicle’s size and load are important while selecting your tire. You need to make sure that the tyres you choose are the best for your car to maintain safety and high performance.

5. Cost - Safety is important, and so is staying within your budget. You don’t have to go for the most expensive tyres, but make sure that you are getting good quality.

6. Durability - Lastly, you need a tyre that will last for a longer time. This means fewer replacements over time for your tire. This will also save you money in the long run.

Summer Tyres Vs. All-Weather Tyres: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Here is a side-by-side comparison of summer tyres and all-weather tyres. This will help you understand which one is best for your car.


Summer Tyres

All-Weather Tyre

Optimal Temperature Range

Best in warmer temperatures, between 7°C to 30°C (45°F to 86°F).

Work in a broader range of temperatures, from cooler to hotter.

Tread Design

Have fewer grooves and a streamlined tread pattern.

Have deeper grooves and more complex tread patterns.


Offer superior performance in hot and dry conditions.

Offers decent performance across different conditions.

Wear Rate

High wear in cooler weather but are durable in hot climates.

Designed for all conditions. They might wear out quickly in extreme heat.

Road Noise

Can be noisier.

Generally quieter.


Known for a smoother ride on dry roads.

Designed to handle various conditions, is also smooth on all roads.


Bit more expensive than all-season tyres as they are specifically designed for hot regions.

(Depending on tyre specifications)

They are comparatively less expensive than summer tyres. 

(Depending on tyre specifications)

Before choosing tires for your vehicle, you should consider a few things, like how often you use them and the type of driving you'll be doing. In the UAE's hot and dry climate, summer tires are the best choice as they offer excellent grip, performance, and control in high temperatures.

If you're looking for a more versatile option, all-season tires might be suitable, especially if you need tires that can handle a broader range of temperatures and weather conditions like heavy rain.

However, keep in mind that all-season tires might not perform as well as summer tires in extreme heat because all-season tires are designed for wet and cold conditions as well.


1. What should I consider when choosing between summer and all-season tyres?

You need to consider your local climate, your driving style, road conditions, the type of vehicle you own, your budget, and how long you want your tyres to last. This will help you pick the best tyres.

2. Are summer tyres more expensive than all-season tyres?

Summer tyres usually cost more than all-weather tyres. This is because they are specifically for warm conditions like the UAE. But, the main price varies depending upon brand, size, and quality of tyres. You can check prices online before you buy tyres online in the UAE.

3. Where can I buy summer and all-weather tires in the UAE?

You can explore a wide range of summer and all-weather tires for your car at, we are a leading online tire shop in Dubai with over thousands of positive Google reviews. Experts here can help you find tire that are fit for your car.

Final Thoughts

At, we understand that selecting the right tyres for your car is critical, especially in the UAE's unique climate and driving conditions. If you need help or want to find the perfect set of tyres, explore our online tyre shop in Dubai to browse a wide range of options.

Whether you're looking to buy tyres in Dubai, our experts are here to guide you. We offer a wide selection of the best tyre brands in the UAE and some of the cheapest tyres in Dubai without compromising on quality.

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