How Car AC Works?

That breezing cool air when you sit in your car makes you forget every stress.

But, wondering how your car AC works.

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For the air conditioning system of an automobile to work, the refrigerant must alternate between a liquid and a gaseous form. When the refrigerant changes state, the system could discharge cool, dry air due to the car's heat and moisture being absorbed.

The air conditioner converts the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas by adjusting pressure and temperature.

Know When It's Time To Repair Your Car AC

Even though it can be challenging to remember, bringing your car into the car repair workshop for an AC service once a year is imperative.

You should take your automobile to the body shop in the early spring to ensure that your AC will function optimally throughout the summer.

If you take these easy procedures, your car will be fully restored and ready for the scorching summer. Being in a hot automobile this summer is the last thing you want to do.

You may boost the likelihood that your automobile will continue to work correctly for a very long time by routinely checking the state of your AC and getting it serviced. Since it is simple to forget about your air conditioner throughout the winter, it is crucial to keep an eye on it.

By following the maintenance guidelines provided below, one can easily avoid paying a premium for AC servicing:

1. Its Blowing Warm Air

Your health is in danger when using a heated automobile air conditioner. This is one of the most frequent signs that your air conditioner needs repair. You should look for signs that an appliance needs to be fixed if it is blowing hot air.

If the hot air is exhausting you, your unit may need to be replaced at your next auto maintenance appointment because it has likely reached the end of its functional life. A malfunctioning air conditioner will damage your car and use more fuel.

How to check?

You just need to turn on the vehicle's air conditioner and start it.

Instead of blowing a cool breeze, the air conditioner would blow hot air. To check precisely if the air conditioner is blowing warm air, you will have to wait for some time, as the compressor takes some time to start and work properly.

2. Your AC compressor is not working

The compressor clutch indicates that a car air conditioner isn't functioning correctly. The compressor is the most expensive part of your car's air conditioning system. The clutch on the pulley can be engaged and withdrawn as needed to release the engine's power.

How to check?

If the compressor clutch is damaged, the compressor may abruptly stop operating or start-up permanently.

It is not recommended to just replace the compressor clutch due to the potential cost. This is yet another indication that the air conditioner in your automobile isn't functioning correctly and thus needs a mechanic's help. Take it to the nearest ac mechanic in Dubai.

3. Car smells bad

Your air conditioner's cabin air filter may be unclean or worn if you notice a terrible odour that reminds you of sweaty clothing. It needs to be cleaned; otherwise, it could be replaced. Your air conditioning system will last longer and use less gas if you regularly change the air cabin filters.

Mouldy evaporator casings or air vents are two additional sources of offensive odours besides unclean or damaged cabin air filters.

Since mould may induce allergies in some people, your health could be in danger. This problem can be fixed by frequently cleaning the evaporator casing and air vent.

4. Refrigerant is leaking

The refrigerant controls the temperature inside your car. There is a possibility that your refrigerant is leaking if your air conditioner no longer maintains a cool temperature, even after being turned on for some time. Over time, rubber hoses and seals may become less elastic, which could cause refrigerant leakage.

The dryer, receiver, or accumulator may be impacted if moisture is present. Refrigerant leaks must be fixed immediately to safeguard the other essential parts of your air conditioner.

Every year, the AC refrigerant's capacity deteriorates by about 15%. The AC can generate enough cool air if the level is high enough.

Regularly check the reservoir and take your car in for auto air conditioning service when necessary. This guarantees that your car's air conditioning system is free of leaks that could threaten the evaporator or compressor.

Since repairing the leakage is not everyone’s cup of tea, it's better to get your car to the nearest AC mechanic in Dubai and fix it!

How Does Professional Car Repair Services Help You?

Car upkeep is frequently perceived as being pricey.

However, not getting routine car ac maintenance can cost more long-term. But one may keep their car in good functioning order by routinely having it fixed at a shop and car ac service that has been authorized.

Regular auto upkeep and repairs can reduce the likelihood of future costly failures. Manufacturers frequently recommend employing car AC specialists in Dubai rather than trying repairs alone because they are complicated and difficult.

Top Car AC Repair and Maintenance Tips

Issues may eventually arise from inadequate maintenance and delays in replacing broken parts. One fine day, the entire air conditioning system could suddenly stop working, necessitating a costly repair. If the air conditioning system is properly maintained, a situation like this can prevent large costs.

Below are some useful car AC repair and maintenance tips that can help you prevent large costs.

1. Use car AC regularly

Many individuals believe that keeping a/c use to an absolute minimum will contribute to extending the service life. The components' continual operation will help to ensure their continued health. When the air conditioner is off, and the windows are open, dust will gather in the air conditioning ducts and inside the car. Use the air conditioner, even occasionally, in all weather conditions, especially in the summer.

2. Wipe the vents

Using a towel to thoroughly clean the minor gaps between an automobile's air conditioning vents could be challenging. However, quick and easy foam paint brushes are accessible and straightforward.

Once or twice a month, or more frequently, if you see that they are starting to accumulate dust, your A/C vents should be cleaned.

If your air conditioner emits a musty odour, clean your vent system using a disinfectant spray cleaner.

3. Check refrigerant levels

Regular, cyclical maintenance may include something other than checking the refrigerant's quantity and quality. The technician needs to be told to add it to the checklist.

The refrigerants in the air conditioning system are what keep it running. Low refrigerant levels can cause the system to overheat, provide inadequate cooling, and cause other problems.

4. Keep replacing the cabin air filter regularly

Every year, the cabin air filter needs to be replaced.

Over time, dirt, dust, and pollutants will build up in the air filter. The consequence will be a clogged filter, reducing performance and rendering the air conditioner useless.

Additionally, bacteria and allergies would be harbored by a dirty air filter. Both one's health and the effectiveness of air conditioning systems depend on filter upkeep.

5. Clean the condenser

One of the causes of subpar AC performance could be a dirty car AC condenser. Optimal performance and increased AC effectiveness are promoted by cleaning the air conditioning condenser in a car. Your car's air conditioner might run more effectively if you take care of the condenser.

6. Avoid pre-cooling the car

Refrain from pre-cooling your vehicle. Your car's air conditioning functions as efficiently as it can when you're driving. Start the car with the fan on high when it's scorching outside, and therefore only open the rear windows for 10 to 20 seconds to allow the steam out.

7. Get Regular Servicing For Car AC

Yes, it is possible that your car's air conditioning is working correctly and without any significant problems. But what if you need to notice or are ignorant of such issues?

Regular auto air conditioner maintenance is crucial as a result. Any problems with your car that can arise later and what might be causing them can be found by a specialist.

8. Learn To Use Your AC correctly

Learn how to operate the air conditioning system to ensure adequate air conditioner maintenance. Care cannot provide a long lifespan if you don't use your air conditioner wisely. The following are some essential principles to remember while operating a vehicle:

1. Shut down everything

Sequentially turn off everything. Before turning on the air conditioning, turn off the ignition. Although many may not think this is important, it is essential.

After turning off the air conditioner, you can allow the fan to run to ensure evaporation. Doing this can prevent your car from becoming a microbial haven.

2. Parking your cars in the shade

Regular air conditioning is suitable for car AC maintenance, but excessive use is also harmful. To prevent the interior from overheating, leave your automobile in the shade.

Parking in the shade can prevent this because the cabin temperature can increase quickly in the summer.

3. Ventilate your car

Ample ventilation is just as crucial as parking your car in the shade. Let the car idle while the windows are down and the doors are open. Your car's temperature will decrease as a result.

Remember that proper ventilation is essential for you and your vehicle, in addition to other auto AC suggestions. The temperature inside the car will be controlled via air intake and exhaust.

Get Professional Car Repair AC Services

If your car AC has been malfunctioning, it's time to immediately stop fixing it yourself and get professional AC repair services. At, we provide world-class Car AC repair in Dubai, making your AC function like new.

We provide car AC repair services such as car ac filter cleaning, car ac gas refilling, AC leak repair, car AC compressor cleaning etc. So, search for a car AC specialist near me and visit our workshop!

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