Guide To Choosing The Best Online Tyre UAE

In a world full of options, selecting the perfect tyres for your car type becomes tedious! This blog is for you if you have been looking for new car tyres online for a while.

Here we will walk you through the essential things that will help you:

 ● Make the right tyre choice.

 ● Understand what you should look for when buying tyres online.

 ● Find the best car tyre brands in the UAE that are popular for selling tyres online.

Why Buy Tyres Online In UAE?

Before we jump to our guide, let's understand how buying tyres online in the UAE benefits you.

#1. Unlimited Choices

When you visit a local showroom, your choices are limited as per the store’s collection! However, when buying tyres online, you have various options and even the flexibility to buy tyres from brands that are not available in your region/country. So, you are not saddled with buying low-quality tyres just because your local showrooms don't sell them.

#2. Access To Reviews

It is natural for us to validate our decisions by asking people about their opinions. That's why 93% of people buy things only after reading reviews online. You better understand fellow buyers' experiences and thoughts about different tyre brands. This makes it easy to make the right decision and get the best possible deal in the market without taking significant risks.

#3. Convenience

Another perk of buying tyres online is you can easily buy tyres from the comfort of your home, office, or any place! You can effortlessly browse the products from different stores and compare the prices to get the best deal without parading the city showrooms for the best deals.

When Is the Right Time to Replace Old Tyres?

Buying tyres for future use might be tempting, but it's not always wise as the tyre’s compound starts ageing, ultimately reducing safety. And hence, before you think of shopping for a new tyre, it’s critical to understand the right time to buy them.

Here are some tips:

●     Buy A New Tyre Only If Your Tyre is Nearing The 5th Year Mark.
Your passenger car tyres should be changed within five years. You must replace your tyres sooner if you are a heavy driver.

●       Buy Only If You Do Not Have A Spare Tyre Currently
Spending on a new spare tyre is a valuable and practical alternative to an inflator kit. A new spare tyre will help you continue your journey in case of sudden punctures or tyre bursts.

●       Change Tyres If Treads Are Constantly Damaging
Treads are the little pattern on the tyre's circumference that provides grip with the road. If there are little to no threads left on your tyre, there will be no grip, thus, leading to accidents.

Here's how you can check the treads:

○       Place a small coin around tread grooves across the tyre.

○       If the tread covers at least a third of the coin, there is no need for new tyres. But if you can see the entire coin, then time to replace the tyres.

Things To Know Before You Buy New Tyres Online

1.   Learn The Difference

What do you see when you look at tyres? Black colour, round shape, made of rubber, spikes? They all look similar! But they are not. Like our phone cover, which differs with each smartphone model, tyres differ with car models.

For example, despite sharing the same brand, Lamborghini's car tyres differ in size and compound for different variants.

Another thing to consider is to make a decision about going with OEM or with new-brand tyres. However, most experts suggest sticking with OEM tyres, as they are reviewed by car manufacturers and optimized for the best performance.

2.   Buy Only Brand New Tyres

Many sites online sell used branded tyres. It may be tempting to buy used branded tyres but don’t. When you buy a used car, you can check for faults, but when you buy used tyres, you can't easily detect damage.

Some of the most severe internal damages also go unnoticeable and can put you at risk. So, the next best alternative is to buy only brand-new tyres from either online tyre shops in Dubai or visit your nearest tyre store in UAE.

3.     Deciphering Tyre codes

As we mentioned earlier, each tyre is unique. You must understand the tyre code to know the best-fit tyre for your car model, which you can find on the sidewalls.

For example, let’s take 225/55 R 18 95 H. Here,

1.     Tyre width - 225 millimeters

2.     The aspect ratio, or profile - is 55 mm.

3.     Tyre construction - R, which means radial constructions.

4.     Rim diameter in inches - 18 inches.

5.     Load index - 95

6.     Speed rating index - H here means the maximum speed of 130kmph or less.

4.     Buy All 4 Tyres From The Same Brand

It's tempting to buy four different tyres from different brands. However, there's a downside to it as the sizes may vary. Instead, choose the tyres from the same brand as it allows the car to run smoothly.

5.     Get A Second Opinion From Experts

Many times, we buy things online impulsively that we regret buying later. However, tyres are a considerable investment. Any mistake in making a choice can have dire consequences.

Hence, asking for a second opinion from tyre specialists or experts is always great as it will give you surety and clarity to buy tyres online in Dubai. You can also seek online consultations with these car tyre specialists. They will quickly identify which tyre is perfect for your vehicle. 

6.     Learn About Tyre Warranties

How many times have you received a defective product but couldn’t return it because it had no warranty? Several times, maybe. Hence, It's best to buy tyres online that have warranties. A warranty puts your mind at ease, knowing that if you receive defective tyres, you can always get them to change or get a refund. Without warranties, you will be stuck with defective tyres, which calls for a reinvestment.

Best Tyres Brands To Buy Tyres Online in UAE

Here is a list of leading brands you can consider for your car tire purchase.


Brand Name


Speciality Tyres




It is a well-known brand for its durability and performance. These tyres are specially used in various racing competitions.

Car Racing Tyres



The brand is operated by Goodyear in North America. Dunlop is well-known for designing branded tyres for sale in UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

Transportation and automobile



It is an American brand that produces tyres that are suitable for most of the popular passenger car models.

Produces  tyres for cars, Airplanes, and earth-mover machinery.



It is a premium brand loved by a majority of car enthusiasts owing to the incredibly high speed and stability that they offer.

Tyres for high-end luxury and ultra high-performing vehicles



If you are looking for economical tyres with high endurance and excellent performance, Nexen is what you need.

SUVs and light truck tyres

Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, now, you go about purchasing tyres online safely. If you have decided to buy a new set of tyres for your car, choose a qualified and certified online tyre dealer in Dubai.

You can find the best tyre brand at They are the most extensive online tyre shop in Dubai and supply Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM] tyres from over 30 leading brands worldwide.