Got a Flat Tire? Here’s What You Should Do

Got a Flat Tire? Here’s What You Should Do

You were heading towards work to attend a vital gathering and boom! There goes down your car’s tire! Relatable, right? We’ve all been in this condition sometime or the other. It’s not only irritating but also time-consuming to get things fixed instantly. Flat tires may occur when the wheels get punctured by a sharp object like a glass or nail. It might lead to disbalance while driving on the road and destroy the tires. The best you can do is instantly change the tire and not operate on it to avail of extra repair charges later.

Many tire shops in Dubai provide the facility to exchange tires when blown out. Opting for professional help will eliminate your damage, consequently improving the lifespan of your tire.

With the booming technology, almost every service comes in handy these days. You can easily avail of the option of car services Dubai, in no time. However, keeping a practical knowledge of getting your tire fixed is an asset at times. In this blog, we’ve shared detailed information about how you can safely repair your flat tires and head forth swiftly.

Be Prepared in Advance

Tire breakdown is an unavoidable situation. Nevertheless, you can keep yourself prepared by detecting the early damage signs. Common symptoms that reflect tire blowout might include trouble accelerating, dragging vehicles, leakage sound, and more. If you notice similar changes in your car, prepare yourself to get it professionally treated.

A Little Know-How Tip Comes in Handy

Right when you notice a strange or a squeaking sound in your driveway, immediately pull off and give it a check. Pulling your vehicle forward with a flat tire not only compromises your car’s safety but also increases its repair charges. Regarding some suggestions stated below will assist you in replacing your wheel when in need.

Always keep repairing items in your vehicle—things such as a jack, a spare tire, wrench followed by your automobile’s manual.

Set the wheel wedges behind the back tire if you’re switching your tires in front and place them in front if you’re changing your tires at the back. Now, remove the wheel cover from the tire you’re changing. Next, open the wheel nuts with the help of a wrench in a counterclockwise direction. To lift the wheel to six inches or more, use a jack. Draw the tire towards yourself while removing it. Place the spare tire in the exact alignment with the bolts. Secure them with the nuts in a clockwise direction. Now you can turn your car lower to the ground level after it’s tightly secured. Sit back and enjoy your ride!

In Conclusion

If you feel like this task is not meant for you, don’t hesitate to avail yourself of tire-changing services. We know it can be challenging for an individual to swap tires professionally, especially when dealing with more oversized vehicles such as buses, trucks, etc. Few tire shop Dubai, are widely known for their excellent services in and around the city. Be patient and rely on them for the safest assistance they deliver.