Eight Car Tire Safety Tips for Winter

The winter season comes with its pros and cons, and most tire problems are faced during this time due to the season’s adverse effects. If you take a close look, winters in the UAE begin in December and go till march. Mostly the temperature drops as low as 12 degrees. Tyre dealers in Dubai are kept on their toes, with several customers dropping by with tire problems. Certain preparatory checks are made mandatory for tires before the arrival of winter. These essential winter care tips will enable you to enjoy safe drives during the winter season. Car tyres in Dubai offer the broadest range of tires with better features that get you winter-ready. So, let’s run through the tips for better tire performance.

Eight Car Tire Safety Tips for Winter

Tire Condition

When your tires are in good condition and well cared for, there is no reason why they should wear during winter. Just as you get your home winter-ready, it is essential to get your tires winter-ready.

Warming Up the Car

It is the most straightforward tip and the most primary point on the winter checklist. When the weather is cold, it is imperative to warm up the vehicle before you start driving. It is a ritual recommended by most automotive experts to keep your running smoothly.

Check for Tire Pressure

Maintaining your tire pressure is one of the crucial pointers to care for during the colder season. As the fact goes that the air contracts when the weather turns colder, the tire decreases too. If the tire pressure is low, your driving can have an adverse effect. Hence, ensure that the pressure is as per recommendations.

Replace Your Tires

If you have the slightest doubt about the tire wearing out, get it to the nearest car tire dealer for a replacement. The safety of the driver and the passengers should be the priority.

Fill Your Antifreeze

A regular tire check must be conducted, or you may end up damaging your engine. Get your car engine checked before the winter to check if you have antifreeze in the engine’s coolant that can suffice. Doing this will save you from unforeseen engine mishaps.

Safeguard Your Seals

If the seals of your car windows and doors are damaged or defective, it will allow the moisture to get inside your car. Make sure you get your seals treated appropriately and prevent them from getting brittle.

Check Your Car Battery

It is an essential tip to ensure that the health of your car battery is maintained well. The car batteries often fail in the cold and are the primary reason for breakdowns in the middle of the road. If your car battery needs a replacement, get it done in time to avoid failures.

Check Your Brakes, Wipers, and Headlights

It is crucial to check these parts of your vehicle while winter approaches. Good brakes give you the confidence to drive, effective wipers enable clear visibility of the roads, and great headlights ensure that you indicate the others of your presence on the foggy roads. The functional headlights can quickly get you to your destination without any problem.