Different Smells That Indicate Problems in Your Car

The tire and automotive industry have experienced exponential growth in the UAE. The service industry also has taken a reputed development with commendable service provided to automobile customers. Every customer feels free to turn to a reputed tyre supplier in Dubai regarding relevant tire problems. The vehicle is serviced in time, and the customer’s expectations are met. This has taken the tyre service in Dubai to new heights. However, dealing with the car’s smelly indication can be quite daunting. Cars operate using various fluids, and hence sometimes they emit funny smells. Since certain unusual smells cannot be overlooked, here is everything you need to know about dealing with different odours.

Different Smells That Indicate Problems in Your Car

General Burning Smell

Car engines are usually designed to be operated at a high temperature. Sometimes the car overheats, or the oil may be causing problems, and that’s why the burning smell. This could indicate your vehicle is running on low engine oil or your engine is overheating. Even the lack of transmission fluid could cause gear overheating. Emissions of any smell should never happen. But if it does occur, this means that the car requires to be serviced urgently.

Sweet Smell

Are you smelling a sweet fragrance emanating from a running engine? This could be the smell of ethylene glycol. Emerging from the radiator or cylinder, this liquid smells like maple syrup. Ideally, ethylene glycol is an anti-freeze liquid that helps keep your engine from freezing in the winter. Especially in Dubai’s weather, it is much required as an engine coolant in the summer. This is an indication of a malfunctioning heater that must be serviced immediately.

Burning Paper

The smell of burning paper should not be ignored. Drivers tend to drive with a heavy foot on the clutch more often than required. This can be harmful to the vehicle if done when changing gears too. Such mistakes while driving can cause much wear and tear to the clutch facing. Once worn off, the clutch will cause friction and emit a burning smell indicating it needs to be repaired at the earliest.

Burning Carpet

A burnt carpet smell is a sign of an overused brake pad. Extensive use of breaks over long periods can cause the brake pads to wear off. The breaks are essential while driving, and any issues with the brakes should not be ignored. This situation requires immediate attention and should be fixed by professionals as soon as possible.