Common Causes of Uneven Car Tire Wear and How to Prevent It

The grip or tread of a tire will usually be affected because of its extensive use. However, their uneven or excessive wear may be due to several other reasons as well. Here are the most common causes that make the tyres for your car in the UAE wear unevenly.

Common Causes of Uneven Car Tire Wear and How to Prevent It

Improper Vehicle Handling And Driving

When you handle your vehicle correctly and skillfully, it will make your journey not only safe but stress-free. It will protect the health of the tires, as well, and make them offer better performance for a longer period. The reason for making the tires wear unevenly may be due to poor driving skills. It may include making sharp turns at corners, applying brake excessively, spinning wheels, etc. Potholes may also make your vehicle tires wear unevenly because they may affect the alignment of the wheels and accelerate the wearing process of tires.

Wrong Tire Inflation

When tires are not provided with the correct air pressure, it may cause them to wear not only unevenly but also quickly. By inflating the tyres of the front and back wheels of your vehicle correctly, it will assist you considerably in optimizing their functionality, in addition to achieving better fuel economy.

The Wrong Position Of The Wheels

The major reason for making tires wear unevenly is positioning the wheels incorrectly. Wheel or tire alignment plays a vital role in keeping the suspension parts of a vehicle in a healthy condition. It will aid you significantly in managing your vehicle efficiently, as well. It will help the tires wear evenly and boost their longevity.

Ways To Prevent Inconsistent Or Extreme Tire Wear

When you know the common causes of uneven or extreme tire wear, it will help you not only improve their health and functionality. It will aid you considerably in avoiding those common causes effortlessly, as well. You can prevent excessive or uneven wear on your tires by:

  1. Shunning potholes to protect the alignment of wheels or tires.
  2. Shunning hitting on curbs at uncomfortable angles to maintain the correct tire alignment.
  3. Examine the tread and pressure of your tires, including those of the spare ones, regularly. You should check them at least once a month or before undertaking a long trip.
  4. Avoid over-inflating the tires and follow the specifications of the tire manufacturer.
  5. Examining the wear pattern of your tires often to know their uneven or excessive wear.

In Conclusion

Finally, when you have plans to buy tires online for a replacement, it is wise to buy tires for all the wheels and replace them with the new ones.