Bridgestone Vs. Michelin: Which Tyre Is Worth It?

The competition between Bridgestone and Michelin is fierce, and both companies rank as the top two tyre manufacturing companies. There are many tyre companies in the market, but no one gives an edge to these two. All of this gave to the debate that is going on, which is better? Bridgestone or Michelin.

With no biases, we will compare Bridgestone and Michelin in detail in this article. Dive right in with us.

Bridgestone tyres: In brief

Founded in 1931, Bridgerton is a Japanese company that has gained prominence over the years to become the first largest tyre manufacturing industry.

When founded in Fukuoka, Japan, Ishibashi built its first tyre on April 30th, 1930, and today it has a turnover of about $29.539 billion.

Not just tyres, but Bridgestone also excels at producing other automobile parts and sporting goods such as golf clubs and tennis rackets.

Their wide range of tyres covers automobiles ranging from sedans to pick-up trucks, from SUVs to NUVs, and from Utes to hatchbacks. Without compromising on its quality, Bridgestone provides great features, and they make sure that your vehicles run as smoothly as possible.

Shojiro Ishibashi , the founder, named the company by his last name. Ishibashi in English means “Stone Bridge”, hence the name Bridgestone.

Michelin tyres: In brief

Michelin has been in the tyre manufacturing industry for 125 years and produces nothing but top-quality tyres. Though it comes second to Bridgestone in the tyre industry, it makes sure to give tough competition to its rival.

With their new Zero pressure technology, they make sure that all the consumers experience the quality of Formula 1 tyres. This technology adds material to the sidewalls of the tyres to support the vehicle’s weight better, hence, you’ll be able to drive for a few more kilometres even when the tyre is punctured.

If you go back in history, then the founders of Michelin, Andre and Edouard Michelin used to create tyres for bicycles and horse-drawn carriages.

However, the Michelin brothers believed in their skill, and they were sure that the pneumatic tyre technology will be popular in the future. So they created a new technology tyre and tested it in the Paris-Bordeaux road race. They lost the race, but their tyre caught the attention of many eyes and was the talk of the town.

All the forecasting by the two brothers were true and not only did they produce top-notch tyres but also published a “Guide Michelin” a yearly travel guide that all travellers for taking restaurant recommendations cherish.

Bridgestone Vs Michelin: Let’s compare

1. Performance

Bridgestone and Michelin both offer top-tier performance, however, there are few differences where one wins over the other. Below, we explain what features both of these have.

● Michelin's tyres are much more reliable when travelling in dryer areas as they are highly responsive and are not floaty 

● Bridgestone and Michelin tyres both perform impeccably in wet regions, as they don’t lose the footing of the road.

2. Durability

No automobile owner wants to engage in the hassle of changing tyres sporadically, hence durability becomes an important factor while choosing tyres.

R&D departments of both companies get a lot of investment, which explains their prices. Michelin tyres can last for years because of their proprietary technology and top performance. To give you an approximate idea, they last between 45,000-85,000 miles or 72,400 km-136,800 km, and they last for 5–10 days. 

According to statistics, depending on the maintenance, driving, and style, Bridgestone tyres last up to 5 years if a user drives 12,000 to 15,000 miles (ca. 24,140 km) a year.

3. Noise

One underrated trait of good tyres is that they don’t feel like a generator is on under the car, basically they don’t produce a lot of noise. 

In comparing both the companies, Michelin is on the upper edge on this one, as Bridgestone tyres are a bit on the noisy side.

4. Warranty

Both tyre manufacturers offer guarantee plans for their products, but the one offered by Bridgestone is more attractive.

● Bridgestone offers upto 3-year guarantee plans that will be valid even after 65,000 mileage usage

● Michelin, on the other hand, only promises a guarantee after 60,000 mileage

5. Price

Michelin and Bridgestone tyres can get expensive if you compare them with any regular tyres, but as they say, quality comes at a price. If you treat the price as an investment, then they are more than worth the price.

Michelin's tyres are costlier than Bridgestone tyres, but they also provide a wider range of tyres that are more functional.

A Quick Comparison Between Michelin and Bridgestone.





Performs well in dry regions

Performs well in snow


Lasts for approx 5 years

Lasts for approx 5 years


Noise innocent

A bit noisy


Guarantee up to 60,000 mileage

Guarantee up to 65,000 mileage


Comparatively expensive

Comparatively cheap

The Best Product Range Of Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone has a variety of performance tyres, each having its own specialty. 

1. Potenza S001

Potenza S001 is the first choice of premium sports cars makers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lexus. It is the ultimate high-performance tyre with superior braking.

2. Turanza T001

Turanza T001 provides a superior touring experience to passengers while providing the driving comfort.

3. Ecopia E150

From the Ecopia series Ecopia E150 is the ultimate fuel-saving tyre which is also environmentally friendly.

4. Dueler HP Sport

Dueler HP sport is an SUV tyre built with high-performance technology to give you speed with safety.

The Best Product Range Of Michelin Tyres

Michelin tyres has a specialty of their own. Some of the most popular Michelin tyres are as follows:

1. Pilot super soft

Michelin specially engineered Pilot super soft tyres for sports cars to provide ultra high performance tuning.

2. Primacy 4

Primacy 4 tyres have 2 sizes available which are best suited for passenger cars.

3. Primacy 3ST

Primary 3ST keeps the passengers in comfort in a noise-free environment. They have 25% more longevity than usual tyres for longer treads.

4. Latitude Sport 3

Best suited for on-road usage, SUVs provide ultimate comfort and safety. They have a shorter braking distance, which further promises safety.

Final verdict: Who wins?

Well, it’s a tough fight between Bridgestone and Michelin, and we wouldn’t know who wins. It all boils down to what are your requirements, the difference is very nuanced.

Make a list of your top priorities and choose the tyres according to that because in some battles Bridgestone wins and in others Michelin does. Though, we hope you win the war by choosing the right tyre manufacturing company. is a leading Michelin tyre dealer in Dubai with premium tyre deals. Shop premium tyres at and get the best deal for your money!

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