Answered 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Dunlop Tyres

Let’s tell you an interesting story!

This event occurred in Scotland in 1888, leading to John Boyd Dunlop developing pneumatic tyres. At the moment, he was fixing his son's bicycle. The rubber tube was then air-tightened and placed on the exhibit. Of course, it was wrapped around a metal ring for comfort, as the rubber tyre was made in this manner.

This idea set the door for the great business today, Dunlop tires, to flourish.

After purchasing Dunlop in 1985, BTR plc eventually granted Sumitomo permission to manufacture tyres under the Dunlop tyres road brand. Then Sumitomo began making tyres at Dunlop Tyres Ltd., a UK subsidiary.

In 1999, negotiations between Goodyear Tires and the Sumitomo Group began. By the end, Goodyear had acquired a 75% stake in the company. Sumitomo still makes Dunlop products in Japan and Goodyear in North America.

What an exciting story! Right?

Now let us answer 12 questions that generally people who want to buy Dunlop tyres have. If you are also looking to buy Dunlop tyre UAE, this blog is for you.

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Dunlop Tyres

There are a lot of questions regarding the Dunlop Tyre brand. This results in some frequently asked questions, which we have answered below:

1. Are Dunlop tyres suitable for hot weather? If yes, which Dunlop series is best?

If you're considering purchasing either summer or all-season tyres in UAE, you must be aware of their differences. A summer tyre is designed to perform well at temperatures above 7°C, providing excellent handling and grip in dry and wet conditions.

All-season tyres are advised if your winters are typically mild with a low possibility of freezing rain and snowfall since they perform effectively all year long. But that’s not the case in Dubai.

It doesn't matter whether all-season tyres are better than summer tyres or vice versa. You should choose your tyres based on the conditions and your particular driving preferences. If you want to perform at your peak during summer, you must opt for Dunlop tires Dubai.

2. How many miles can I cover with my Dunlop tyres?

It might be challenging to determine a tire's actual lifespan. First, the quality of the tyre will influence how long it lasts. That's what Dunlop tyre offers.

Regardless of your driving style, a set of high-quality Dunlop tyres will likely last far longer than a set of cheap ones.

It's not worth spending twice as much on cheap tyres if you drive a lot. If you take proper care of your Dunlop tyres, they should endure for several years. Also, Dunlop tyre guarantee long-term performance.

3. What is the minimum tread depth for Dunlop?

Regarding the tread dept for Dunlop, your treads must be at least 1.6mm deep over the whole tyre, per European standards. Dunlop recommends a minimum tread depth of 4 mm for winter tyres.

If you don't already have one, you may buy a tread depth gauge for a reasonable price. When measuring the depth of your tyres, measure both the inside and outside the treads. Just look for a Dunlop tyre shop near me, and you will get reputable places like

4. Can I mix Dunlop tyres with other brands' tyres?

It is imperative to avoid tyre mixing at all costs if you wish to maximize car performance and safety. Choose the best tyres from comparable manufacturers for each wheel position on your car, paying close attention to size, brand, tread pattern, load index, and speed rating.

Some tyre manufacturers use various tyre production methods, tread designs, load index ranges, and even speed ratings. So, ensure not to mix them and buy only Dunlop tyres from a reliable source.

5. Does Dunlop provide run-flat tyres?

Dunlop tyre brands produce a variety of run-flat tyres.

In the case of a puncture or an unforeseen loss of pressure, this type of tyre is made to continue operating for a brief period, giving you time to repair your vehicle.

Dunlop recognizes run-flat tyres on the sidewall by the initials DSST or Runs on Flat.

6. Will Dunlop Tyres Improve My Fuel Efficiency?

Yes! The total fuel efficiency of your automobile is increased to a higher degree when the appropriate Dunlop tyres are installed on it.

The current focus of Dunlop Tire company is on methods to improve and increase the fuel efficiency of its tyres. The appropriate tyres for your automobile might lower its total fuel consumption. You can also look for the Dunlop tyre service centre near me and find out the Dunlop tires wholesale dealers offering tyres at lower rates.

7. What is the tyre warranty for Dunlop?

Dunlop tyre guarantee long-term performance and great driving experience on roads. You can also check out Dunlop tyre offers in Dubai and ensure you get the tyres at the best price.

8. Can I use Dunlop tyres for sports racing? If yes, then which ones?

Every rider in the Moto2TM World Championship runs on Dunlop tyres. Moto2TM offers astoundingly high levels of competition, with 33 riders who are all driven to beat the best opposition.

Dunlop provides drivers with tyres that are dependable and have good traction on a range of chassis.

9. What Pressure Should I Maintain With Dunlop?

When riding a motorcycle, ensure your tyres are inflated to the proper pressure for the terrain. Underinflated tyres may damage the wheels when riding on rough, uneven terrain, and they can cause the vehicle to squirm or wander on smooth, solid terrain. Over inflation can lead to riding harshness and tyre damage.

10. How often should I check my Dunlop tyres?

Before a holiday or at least once every month is the ideal time to check your tyres' wear. The most important factor you should consider in this situation is treading depth. You cannot drive if your tyre tread is less than 1.6 mm.

Watch out for anything lodged in the tread, especially anything that might eventually cause a puncture. Additionally, check your tyres for uneven tread wear. This may indicate bad driving habits or a wheel alignment issue.

11. How to choose the right Dunlop tyre for my car model? Is there any guide?

The sidewalls of your current tyres, the owner's manual, the sticker inside the fuel cap door jamb, or the vehicle itself will all have this information.

12. How do I avoid my tyres cupping?

Cupping probably won't be completely prevented. On all sorts of automobiles, uneven or cupped tyre wear is a relatively regular phenomenon. A four-wheel vehicle's tyres need to be rotated periodically in order to prevent excessive wear.


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