Everything You Need to Know about Nexen Tyres

When it comes to premium tyre brands, you might think of Michelin or Pirelli.

But they are not the only ones dominating the market. Nexen Tyres with their different tyre patterns, such as Roadian and Aria, Nexen tires have been ruling the market over the years.

Nexen is the tyres on the wheels that decide the seamless ride's quality and experience.

With appropriate traction, proper balance, sufficient contact patch, and less noise, these tires' qualities are commendable.

Nexen tyres are upscaling the riding game with the label "The Beast of the wind" and the motto "driving tomorrow."

Origin of the Nexen Tyres

Nexen tires were first established in South Korea. They also have manufacturing plants based in Korea, Europe, and China.

Nexen committed their time to significant investment in research and development as their USP to develop such high-quality tires. They even maintain product competitiveness.

The roots of Nexen come from a brand named Heung-A Tire in 1942. This brand has given Nexen recognition as a tyre leader over the last 60 years, and they have been serving the tyre industry for over 80 years.

Using innovative technologies, Nexen has committed to developing safe, eco-friendly, and durable tires with advanced techniques that will last for many years.

Some Popular Nexen Tyres that You Must Know

Nexen Tyres' top-level tyres are considered because of their higher quality and budget. Though some popular Nexen tyres are available in the market, we are mentioning some types for a better purchase.

1. Summer Tyres

There are Nexa Summer tyres, such as N Fera Au 7, N Fera Su1, which can perform well even in hot summer conditions. These tires remain relatively stable even at the highest temperatures and offer the best grip.

2. Highway-All Season Tyres

When it comes to Highway-all season tyres, these Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 can show excellent performance and great traction on dry surfaces. Even these types of tyres provide a comfortable ride without any noise.

3. All-Terrain Tyres

Nexen offers a variety of tyres designed for better performance on diverse terrains. These all-season tyres are greatly engineered and could provide the best-in-class handling and performance in dry and wet situations with ultimate riding comfort.

4. Touring All-Season Tyres

The Nexen N Priz AH5 can fulfil all your requirements for a standard all-season touring tyre. Despite its affordable price, this particular tire's dual design increases rigidity and offers a 50,000-mile warranty.

Advantages of Nexen Tyres

Below are some advantages that will help you understand the tires' worth.

1. Budget-friendly alternative to premium brands

Nexen is a leading brand using exclusive technologies to develop Green Hive and V-oriented tyres. Nexen tyre price is low and budget-friendly compared to its quality. It is why car industries find its price worthy and a value for money deal with other tires in the same class.

2. Suitable for both wet and dry surfaces

These tyres also provide good traction in dry and wet conditions, which is why these tyres are perfect for a smooth ride, even on rough roads. They can also easily withstand the hurdles of daily rides.

These tires' exclusive and hard constructions can give a completely safe ride against the complete worth.

3. Excellent warranty

Nexen offers an excellent tyre warranty. Their website states that any tyre manufactured by Nexen will get free replacement against defects in material and workmanship.

This offer is applicable for the initial warranty period which is the first 1.6 mm of original usable trends or within 12 months of purchase. Whichever comes first will be considered.

4. Advanced Manufacturing

The brands give a special focus on manufacturing. They have reinforced sidewalls and construction for better durability and resistance against punctures. Some models also feature 3D sipes and silica compounds to together grip slippery surfaces, thus improving overall safety.

5. Pledge for Sustainability

Nexen is serious about reducing its carbon footprints. As per the official report, 52% of the tyre’s composition is of sustainable materials. This includes natural rubber, bio-based synthetic rubbers, and silica derived from rice husk waste residue. So, if you are someone who’s always looking for sustainable brands, Nexen is a good choice!

Are Nexen Tyres Worth Your Money?

When the question is, are Nexen tyres worth the money?

The answer is yes. No one can doubt the quality of a brand that sells over two billion dollars in tyres yearly. This Korean company's tyres are a worthy choice for vehicles like SUVs, sedans, or trucks.


1. How many miles do Nexen tyres last?

In most cases, the Nexen tyres can give you a warranty to run 50,000 miles in tread life. Tyres of such a budget quality and calibre usually come with a 50,000-mile tread life warranty. It means the Nexen tyres' last are fair according to these norms.

2. Are Nexen Tyres suitable for various vehicle types?

Yes, Nexen Tyres are suitable for a range of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, and trucks. Nexen Tyres in the tyre industry plays a leadership role and is known as a beast in the market. They offer different levels of performance for various driving circumstances.

3. Where can I buy genuine Nexen Tyres in Dubai?

You can purchase genuine Nexen Tyres in Dubai from Tire.ae, a leading online tyre shop that offers premium tyre brands at affordable prices with fitting and other tyre services.


Nexen is a leading tyre manufacturing company where the tyres are used in passenger cars, trucks, and different SUV models. Each of the tyres provides a distinct level of performance in different driving circumstances. In addition, the model and superior building quality of the tyres determine the car's mileage.

Also, the larger footprint allows the tyres to make better contact with the road, improving braking performance, vehicle balance, and stability. So, if you want to buy Nexen Tyres Dubai and are looking for a genuine Nexen dealer Dubai, choose Tire.ae. We are a leading online tyre shop in Dubai that houses premium tyre brands at affordable prices and a longer warranty.

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