A Detailed Guide to Dunlop Tyres: Technology, Benefits and Features

Have you been eyeing Dunlop tyres for a long time but are confused about whether they are the right choice for you?

This comprehensive guide will discuss everything about the brand, including a detailed overview of the product's features, benefits, technology, and so on.

About Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop was founded in 1889 in Birmingham in English by John Boyd Dunlop, who developed a pneumatic tyre after his son experienced bike riding issues. This sowed the seeds for the brand the Dunlop is today. It operates in significant continents like North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The brand enjoys a contract with Supercars and is made in motor sports because of its racing heritage. The knowledge they gathered from racing has inspired the current day's tyre.

Dunlop Design

Dunlop's tyre is known for its handling experience and control. This is possible thanks to their patented multi-radius tread technology that evenly distributes pressure.

Another design feature that makes them stand out is their DuPont Kevlar material. This fibre material stiffens the sidewalls of tyres to reduce minor damage. It's also heat-resistant, and strong fibre makes it suitable for hot UAE weather.

Technology Behind Dunlop Tyres

The thing that differentiates tyres from each other is the technology behind it. Be it Pirelli, Dunlop, or Michelin, every brand has its one in-house technology to make tyres suitable for users.

1.  Specialized Rim System

Dunlop tyres have a robust system between the tyre and rim to give you maximum control. Thus, leading to a better driving experience and road feedback.

2.  Maximum Flange Shield

The Dunlop MFS system provides rim flange protection. The rubber on the circumference creates a buffer zone for the rim.

3.  Hybrid overlay technology

If you love running your car at high speed, then hybrid overlay technology is what you need. It's a jointless nylon bandage that reduces tyre deformations at high speed. This way tyre wears smoothly despite high speeds.

4.  Dual silica and silica compound

Dual silica compounds make it easy for tyres to maintain adherence with roads. They also provide a superb braking system and high grip while maintaining low wear and tear.

Benefits of Dunlop Tyres

As being one of the preferred tyre types in hot summer, Dunlop tyres provide superior performance that meets unmatched reliability. Here are some of the incredible benefits that Dunlop Tyres brings to drivers.

1.  Superior grip and handling

Dunlop tyres are an excellent choice for your SUV car, offering superior grip and handling qualities. They provide outstanding stability and traction on dry and hot roads. They instill confidence in managing any driving condition. Dunlop tyres deliver exceptional grip and handling on a smooth road or rough terrain. With Dunlop tyres, you can easily navigate and feel confident in your control.   

2.  Super Strong in strength

Dunlop tyres offer exceptional strength, ensuring durability alongside exceptional performance. Made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, these tyres are built to withstand harsh conditions and provide longevity over many kilometers.

You can rely on Dunlop tyres guarantee outstanding performance and lifespan, whether driving on rocky terrains or smooth highways.

Experience a safe and enjoyable drive, knowing your vehicle effortlessly responds to abrupt stops and twists, even at maximum speed. Choose Dunlop tyres for a comfortable ride with complete control over your car.

3.  An array of Sizes: Available for all SUV

Dunlop tyres cater to every vehicle owner's needs, including a wide range of sizes for small cars and large SUVs. With this array of sizes available, finding a perfect pair for your vehicle is effortless.

This lets you decide on tyres with the right driving style and environmental features. Whether you require larger tyres for added stability and control on challenging surfaces or prefer all-season or performance-oriented options, Dunlop has you covered.

Their extensive size selection ensures affordable options without compromising on quality.

4.  Noise Reduction and Dunlop Touch Feature

Dunlop Tyres surpassed the competition with its cutting-edge technology. Specially designed tread patterns reduce noise and car vibrations, enhancing handling and grip. Dunlop's Noise Shield Technology wraps the inner surface in noise-reducing foam, delivering a quieter driving experience with up to 50% reduction in interior vehicle noise.

Additionally, Dunlop Touch Technology ensures optimal stability, grip and enhanced road feedback—Trust Dunlop Tyres for superior noise reduction and advanced features that elevate your driving experience.

5.  Pocket-Friendly

Dunlop Tyres are not only high in quality, but also pocket friendly. With competitive pricing and excellent value, Dunlop offers a cost-effective solution for your tyre needs. Experience the perfect balance of performance, durability, and affordability with Dunlop Tyres, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

Top Dunlop Tyres You Can't-Miss

Explore a top range of Dunlop tyres for your car.

1.  Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050+

2.  Dunlop SP Sport LM705

3.  Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 060+

4.  Grandtrek AT22


1.  Is Dunlop a good tyre brand?

Yes. Dunlop is an established brand, serving customers worldwide since 1989. Today, the brand is managed by another premium brand like Goodyear Tyre.

2.  How many km does a Dunlop TYRE last?

Dunlop tyres easily last for 10,000 - 50,000 kilometres. However, experts always recommend changing tyres after 5 years , even if you might not have covered 50,000 km.

3.  Is Dunlop a premium tyre?

Yes. Dunlop is a premium tyre brand that is counted amongst top brands worldwide like Pirelli, Michelin, Hankook and Goodrich.

4.  Why choose Dunlop Tyres?

Dunlop tyres are suited for all types of tracks, be it racing tracks, streets or off-roads conditions, despite being pocket friendly.


In conclusion, Dunlop UAE tyres offer a wide range of benefits, making them a reliable choice for your car. With its advanced technology like Silica plus amount, Multi flange system, and Noise shield, you will not regret buying the tyres.

To experience the exceptional performance and quality of Dunlop tires UAE, visit our website Tire.ae to buy Dunlop tyres and explore our wide selection of Dunlop tires and enjoy a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride. Upgrade your driving experience with Dunlop and Tire.ae.

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