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Tire.ae aims to be a recognized company offering a wide segment of tires and accessories distribution business providing its customers with the superior quality tires and service in the UAE. One such product is the Aplus Tyres by Shandong Haohua Tire Co. Ltd. They have a comprehensive range of tires with a variety of tread patterns. Aplus Tyres are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment imported from Holland, Japan, and Germany, thereby successfully fulfilling a variety of customer requirements. These tires are made of low-carbon material that adheres to the eco-green principle of lean manufacturing and is an excellent long-term investment. High standards of quality checks and perfect production management ensure superior build quality of these tires. They offer a versatile range of TBR and PCR tires from the long haul, trailer tires, SUV tires for both off and on-road driving, and winter tyres. Aplus Tyres offer superior stability in driving and excellent performance for all vehicles on or off the road. Place your orders today!

Aplus Tyres for All Terrains

Light Trucks

These tyres provide great mileage, top-notch stability, and easy handling on all types of roads. These PCR made tires are distinct and stand-out because of the white sidewall ribs. Their abrasion-resistant tyre thread has a fortified structure, offers additional puncture resistance.

Pickup Trucks

Aplus Tyres are designed for trucks both for commercial use and pick-up trucks using a combination of zig-zag patterns and lateral blocks to provide friction and a stable drive. They are built with flexible patterns such as multi-knife cut tread patterns, that lower the overall vibration of the vehicle.


Enjoy the comfort of a journey in your SUV with Aplus Tyres. Experience excellent stability even at high-speed turns with unlimited shoulder block patterns. Aplus Tyres rim protectors safeguard the rims of the tyre from any damage caused at curbs.


The low rolling resistance of these tires help increase the mileage and fuel economy. They deliver additional defense against stone drilling with their advanced designs, patterns, and groove button protectors. Aplus Tyres use progressive technology and materials that enhance damage resistance and durability.

4-Wheel Drive

These adventurous tires will help you take on all terrains from muddy to snowy or even rocky ground. These tires are known for their longevity as well as their aggressive tyre tread pattern, and a heavier load-carrying capacity.