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Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai
Lowest Price Guaranteed in Dubai

Brakes Service

At Tire.ae we provide car brakes service which includes activation and tuning of the brakes.

Brakes Check

After every 6 months, you should check the system of your brakes so that it can work easily. Specifically when your brakes give jerks, it may be the right time for a brake system inspection. Tire.ae is the best choice for that purpose and it has the credibility and equipment for performing well.

Fast and dependable brake repair service in Dubai

Having functional, high quality brake pads is essential to safety on the road. Making sure your brakes are working properly can mean all the difference in situations where you suddenly need to stop, slow down, or change direction drastically. Ensure your safety and those around you as well, with professional brake repairing service in Dubai from Tire.ae – your trusted car maintenance experts.

Professional brake repair service from the best in the industry

Tire.ae has been in the business of providing world-class car services and parts in the UAE since 2004. Starting in Dubai, we have grown to cater to customers and markets across the UAE, the GCC region, Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We have a team of mechanics, auto specialists, and highly trained field personnel who can provide first-class maintenance on any kind of vehicle, from passenger sedans and SUVS to 4x4s and heavy trucks. Need to have our brakes checked? We can provide an in-depth brake service that tests whether your brakes are up to mark in terms of safety and usability. Based on our findings, we can recommend a range of options for you to choose from, including brake repair and brake pads replacement. Our brake repairing service is for cars whose brakes merely need tuning up but are road-worthy for the most part. For cars that need entirely new brake pads, however, we can provide replacements that will work perfectly.

Avail a personalised brake service in Dubai for your car

Get in touch with Tire.ae and schedule an appointment to check and service your car’s brakes today! You can reach us by dialing 800 847323. You can also talk to one of our chat support agents for all your queries and concerns!
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